BiG DEAL : Auction Models

BAMs are the various BiG AUCTION MODELS for engagement on the BiG DEAL blockchain-based decentralized online auction platform. We have eight BAMs on offer to our BiG DEAL community with mechanisms for winning amazing DEALS.

  • BiG DEAL aims to present opportunities that can be deemed as ‘DEALS’ to community members and other users, where each auction is a revenue generation channel for the BiG DEAL platform.
  • Each BAM is an independent engagement model with its unique process and opportunity, combining fun, luck, and skills as defined by the mechanics of the respective BAMs.
  • BiG DEAL will be the auctioneer (on-the-house) in some BAMs and a MarketPlace in others.
  • Under MarketPlace-based auction models, BiG Deal will be listing products (physical goods, digital assets, experiences, services, and NFTs) as provided by independent auctioneers opening a vast business opportunity where BiG Deal will get into industry tie-ups.


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BiG Deal

BiG Deal is the world’s first decentralized auction house with 7+ auction mechanisms, offering amazing deals to its community. It is based on Solana Blockchain.