BiG DEAL : BiG Auction Model #8 : BiG Charity Auction


The BiG Charity Auction meets two objectives -

  • The first objective is to win something with a perceived value.
  • The second is to support a charitable cause.

Example | There could be a BiG Charity Auction for dinner with a celebrity (say a Nobel Prize laureate, a movie star etc.). How much a bidder is willing to pay for such a dinner is subjective, as a bidder’s valuation is not affected by how other bidders value the prize. According to the New York Times, items that sell well in such auctions are experiential items that cannot typically be bought in the store, including meetings with celebrities, an autographed guitar, naming rights for characters in a forthcoming novel and more. In one notable example, musician Eric Clapton sold 100 of his guitars in a charity auction in 1999 and raised $5 million for his substance abuse treatment facility.

This makes the BiG Charity Auction a public good, philanthropic event.

For BiG DEAL, 100% of the earnings from a Charity Auction would be donated towards the cause. BiG DEAL will not retain any margins since the intent is to support the underlying cause.


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