BiG DEAL : $BiG Token Price Appreciation

Mechanisms for $BIG Price Appreciation -

We firmly believe in giving great returns to our early investors, token holders, and community. BiG Deal has deployed strong mechanisms to make sure that the price of the token appreciates over time.

To be able to maintain and make the token price appreciate over time —

  • There is a strict cliff and vesting policy for all investors
  • There is a cliff and vesting policy for BiG Deal team members and top management
  • Participants buying PLAYs using $BiG tokens will be given bonus PLAYs
  • Periodically $BiG tokens would be burned
  • There is a clear business model assuring consumption of $BiG tokens — which will result in continuous buying of more and more $BiG tokens.
  • $BiG Tokens can be staked for additional earnings — bringing more value to holders and also reducing the selling orders.


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BiG Deal

BiG Deal

BiG Deal is the world’s first decentralized auction house with 7+ auction mechanisms, offering amazing deals to its community. It is based on Solana Blockchain.