BiG DEAL : Community Benefits


  • Holders can enjoy up to 30% APR with or without a locking period.
  • Stakers can generate additional revenue by means of our staking program.

    Staking discourages token sales, thereby helping maintain the price of $BiG Tokens. The BiG DEAL staking program has modes for earning $BiG Token interest rewards:
  • Mode 1 | Staking with a lock-in/vesting period
  • Mode 2 | Freehold staking period with zero vesting

In Mode 1:

  • APR would be higher than in Mode 2 because there is a minimum lock-in period for the $BiG Tokens.
  • The interest is calculated and accrued to the account daily. The transfer of the interest to the staker’s personal wallet happens at their behest but with a cool-off period of seven days.
  • Regarding Mode 1 with a lock-in period, the staker will have to stake their $BiG Tokens for a minimum of 180 days, which might change as per market forces.
  • The earned interest is revoked if the $BiG Tokens are unstaked before this vesting period expires.

In Mode 2:

  • There is zero vesting period.
  • The staker is free to unstake at any time.
  • However, there is a cool-off period of seven days.


  • Represent voting power on a blockchain project.
  • Recently, they have been integrated into decentralized projects to distribute powers and rights to community members to remain decentralized.
  • Essentially, truly decentralized projects are owned indirectly by the network and have a fiduciary duty back to them.
  • Group A | Comprising members staking more than 5 million $BiG Tokens
  • Group B | Stakeholders holding between 2 million and 5 million $BiG Tokens.

In Governance:

  • BiG DEAL’s top management team will convene regular contact or virtual meetings with the Group A members.
  • These meetings would be restricted to members of Group A.
  • Both Group A and Group B members will have voting rights on the future developments and plans for the BiG Deal platform.
  • The entire process will be implemented on the blockchain.
  • The number of votes per stakeholder or participant is proportional to their $BiG Token stake.
  • Each $BiG Token represents one vote in the decision-making process of the $BiG DEAL platform governance.
  • The more $BiG Tokens members hold in their wallets, the greater their voting power and influence on proposals and decisions.


  • Up to 1% of the $BiG Tokens that return to the BiG DEAL platform from the conversion of $BiG Tokens to PLAYs will be shared amongst the stakers.
  • This distribution will happen once weekly and only to those stakers who are part of Group A or B.
  • Staker sharing renders the heavy stakers partners in revenue sharing, rewarding them for their loyalty to BiG DEAL.



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BiG Deal

BiG Deal

BiG Deal is the world’s first decentralized auction house with 7+ auction mechanisms, offering amazing deals to its community. It is based on Solana Blockchain.